Our Eating Plans

The goal of the "Food 4 Osteoporosis Eating Plan" is to provide an easy to follow and prepare, food specific approach to fighting osteoporosis.

The Food 4 Osteoporosis approach is moderation and enjoyment in eating, with a focus on consuming  a variety of nutrient dense foods rather than on individual nutrients or “miracle” foods. Osteoporosis  research suggests that the composition of your overall diet is more relevant to your bone health and  fracture risk reduction than individual factors or nutrients. The Eating Plan is based on a Dietitian's interpretation and application of the evolving osteoporosis nutrition research.

The Eating Plan outlines exactly what to eat each day, meets your calcium needs with a variety of foods, assures an alkaline focused diet and meets protein needs. It is a way of eating that can also reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer's Disease.

Free Demo Plan

To help you decide if the Food 4 Osteoporosis Eating Plan is what you are looking for I offer a free demo. The demo includes a full week of menus and a selection of the recipes to demonstrate the variety and simplicity of the Eating Plan. Just fill out our simple request form and the demo will be delivered right to your email inbox.

Full Eating Plan

This is a 13 week eating plan that includes guidance on navigating the plan as well as help understanding the general principles behind the plan. In addition to the 13 week plan and all its recipes and weekly grocery lists, you get the Quick Start Guide to Using the Eating Plans, Full Eating Plan Guide, Protein Needs for Strength Training, What to do with Leftovers, and Time Saving Menu Guide for those days or even weeks when you simply don’t have the time, or the desire, to do a lot of cooking. The calorie, protein, calcium and sodium amounts will not be as precise as the regular Eating Plan but you are still eating a bone healthy diet. You can combine the Time Saving guide with the full Eating Plan, using the Time Saving guide when you need a fast, easy solution.

Each week you will receive a new week's plan and its recipes and grocery lists - for 13 weeks. The 13 weeks of menus and recipes along with our other helpful guides is only $29. Purchase this package here.

Due to your requests Protein Needs for Strength Training can also be purchased separately.

Kindle and Printed Guides

We also offer two volumes of a 4 week eating plan on Kindle and in print form. These are available on Amazon.com.

One on One Consulting

The Food 4 Osteoporosis Website and Eating Plans are designed to give you the information you need to follow a bone healthy diet. If you find you need additional guidance with your diet you may schedule an individualized consultation with a Dietitian Nutritionist. An initial consultation is one hour and costs $150. You may schedule additional 30 minute ($75) or one hour ($150) follow ups for questions or further guidance. We also offer a package that includes an initial one hour consult with two 30 minute follow ups scheduled over the following 2 months for $265.

You can order a consultation session online, and I will schedule a time by email that works best for you.