Men need to be concerned about Osteoporosis, too

Bone health in men is being missed. The publication, "Osteoporosis in men: Why change needs to happen," from the International Osteoporosis Foundation, reports one-third of all hip fractures occur in men, with a mortality of 37% in the year following fracture. Coauthor of the report, Dr. Ebeling, ...   read full post »

posted on 5/22/2015


Guidance on Calcium Supplements

I recommend getting calcium from food not supplements. If you can’t get enough calcium from food then only supplement at the level necessary to meet your calcium requirement, and only if your blood and urine calcium levels have been measured and evaluated. See the blog I posted on July 4, 20...   read full post »

posted on 5/8/2015


Consumer Guides Pesticide Risk Assessment

The scientists at Consumer reports in collaboration with Charles Benbrook Ph.D. of Washington State University recently analyzed the risk of pesticide exposure from eating 48 different fruits and vegetables from 14 different countries. Their assessment looked at the number of pesticide residues on ...   read full post »

posted on 4/24/2015


Mother's Day Gift Idea

What to give my 85 year old mother for Mother’s Day? My brother will send her flowers, my sister will give her something nice like luxurious sheets or thick towels and I, of course, will give her something having to do with nutrition and strong bones. I’m concerned she is not eating en...   read full post »

posted on 4/10/2015


Shrubs aka Vinegar Waters

I’ve discovered Shrubs, aka Vinegar waters. Evidently they have been around for thousands of years but I’m just now learning about them as they have undergone a fairly recent revival in popularity. They are a great healthy alternative to sodas. To keep mine low calorie, low sugar and ...   read full post »

posted on 4/4/2015


Should you drink milk?

A recent Swedish study published in the British Medical Journal found that women who drank more milk were at greater risk of fractures. Significant increases in fracture risk occurred in women with milk intakes as low as one to two servings per day. This was a large study of over 61,000 women 39 t...   read full post »

posted on 3/26/2015


Sodas and Bone Health

Studies on the effect of drinking sodas and bone health have conflicting findings with some results indicating problems, others finding no negative effects and others yielding uncertain results. One Tufts University study only saw a problem with cola drinks in women and not with non-cola drinks lik...   read full post »

posted on 3/19/2015

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