Revisiting Lectins

I think I need to talk about lectins again as I continue to be asked about them. Lectins are a type of protein found in most plants. They play a protective role for plants. Lectins are found in cereal grains, legumes and fruit and are highest in black beans, kidney beans, soybeans and whole grains. ...   read full post »

posted on 8/15/2021


Roasted Vegetable Salad

Try to eat some vegetarian meals every week. Here is one of my favorite vegetarian recipes. I like it for lunch or dinner. Roasted Vegetable Salad Makes 4 servings Preheat oven to 425°F. Salad Ingredients:
1 pound Brussels sprouts
4 cu...   read full post »

posted on 7/20/2021


Will Creatine Help Your Bones?

Creatine is a nitrogen compound found mostly in red meat, seafood and poultry. Your body produces creatine and the majority of the creatine in the body is in skeletal muscle (~95%). Some, but not all, studies suggest creatine supplementation can improve muscle strength and endurance with weight lif...   read full post »

posted on 6/17/2021


Bone Healthy Diet Checklist

To help clients keep track of my recommendations and ensure they are remembering all the principles of a bone healthy diet I suggest they use this daily checklist to evaluate how they are doing: 1) Did you have 25 to 30 grams protein at each of your 3 meals, or meal/snack combos?
2) Did you get...   read full post »

posted on 5/20/2021


Get all the Protein You Need at Breakfast

When helping clients with their diets one of the most common challenges I come across is not getting enough protein at Breakfast. You need 25 to 30 grams protein at breakfast and most people don't get that much. Often the solution is to add a Smoothie at Breakfast. When there is time to cook here is...   read full post »

posted on 4/23/2021


Foods with Bone Resorption-Inhibiting Properties

Bone resorption is the process where bone tissue is broken down and calcium from the bone is released into the blood stream. Some foods appear to inhibit this process and are called bone resorption-inhibiting. These foods include oranges, prunes, tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, broccoli, and lettu...   read full post »

posted on 3/1/2021


Garlic for Osteoporosis

Garlic has a long history as a flavoring and medicine so it shouldn’t surprise us that it might play a role in the health of our bones. Garlic has a very complex chemical composition and the numerous ways garlic seems to protect against diseases isn’t well understood. Research indicates ...   read full post »

posted on 2/1/2021

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