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The Keto Diet and Bone Health

While the keto diet, under certain conditions, may have a place in addressing treatment resistant epilepsy, Type II Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and significant obesity, it is not the best option for bone health. If you are following a Keto diet for any reason other than weight control then the benefits in addressing your disease may outweigh the need to eat more bone healthy. This decision needs to be made on an individualized basis with your health care providers.

However, if your sole reason for going Keto is weight control, then the question is how long have you been on it and is it working? I regularly come across people who say they have been on keto for years for weight control, but they still don’t have their weight under control. They are still overweight and now they have osteoporosis, as well. If it is not working then you shouldn’t stay on Keto.

If someone is extremely overweight and all other diet approaches have failed then trying Keto may be appropriate. BUT, not forever, only until you hit a target weight loss, then you need to carefully transition to a more balanced diet, especially if you want to eat for healthy bones. Hundreds of studies support that one of the best things you can do for your bones is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables which you can’t do on a Keto diet. More and more research points to the importance of balancing acid foods with alkaline foods for healthy bones. Most people I work with following a Keto diet are eating a high acid diet and not enough alkaline foods (fruits and vegetables) to balance out the acid foods. They often emphasize the meat side of keto and short change themselves on the vegetables and severely limit fruit.

If you need help with both weight loss and bone health then consider following one of my eating plans or working with me to develop a food plan that works for you. Together we should be able to come up with something that is workable for both. Of course, you have to exercise regularly as well, otherwise weight loss can be extremely difficult, especially in older women.


posted on 4/10/2023