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Some clarification on the Alkaline Diet

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the Alkaline Diet. The reason is that the popular press and promoters of fad diets may lead you to believe that certain foods cause your body to produce too much acid and this messes up the pH of your body. In reality your body is always working to balance your blood pH and eating lots of high acid foods might only lower the pH slightly and not significantly. You can’t notably change your blood pH by what you eat.

I promote a diet that balances out acid foods (meats, dairy, grains) with alkaline foods (fruits, vegetables). I am not saying you can significantly affect your blood pH. That is not the point. The point is that when your body goes through the process of keeping your blood pH balanced it draws upon nutrients in your body, like calcium, to do that. In fact, calcium is a nutrient that has priority for that task. A high acid diet may cause your body to have to work so hard to stay balanced that it takes enough calcium to be a detriment to your bones.

While the evidence is not conclusive that a high acid diet contributes to osteoporosis, the theory gives you one more reason to eat lots of fruits and vegetable. This is an area where I will be eager to follow the research as more and more is being done regarding this approach to bone health. See my other blogs for more information related to this topic "What a leading osteoporosis researcher has to say about dietary acid and bone health" and "Explaining the Acid Alkaline Theory of Eating"



posted on 7/18/2020