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Sodas and Bone Health

Studies on the effect of drinking sodas and bone health have conflicting findings with some results indicating problems, others finding no negative effects and others yielding uncertain results.  One Tufts University study only saw a problem with cola drinks in women and not with non-cola drinks like Sprite and Mountain Dew. Cola drinks generally contain the additive phosphoric acid and Sprite and Mountain Dew do not.

It is possible that people who drink a lot of soda have overall less healthy diets, consume less calcium and less fruits and vegetables but this has not been proven.   Some recent research has found an association between sugar-sweetened soda and accelerated cellular aging of tissues.

Since use of sodas should be discouraged for a number of nutritional and health reasons it is best to avoid sodas (especially cola drinks) and drink bone healthy alternative beverages like mineral water, fruit and vegetable infused waters, ginger tea and herbal teas.  


posted on 3/19/2015