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Shrubs aka Vinegar Waters

I’ve discovered Shrubs, aka Vinegar waters.  Evidently they have been around for thousands of years but I’m just now learning about them as they have undergone a fairly recent revival in popularity.  They are a great healthy alternative to sodas.  To keep mine low calorie, low sugar and low labor I skip the step of making the fruit syrups and simply mix 1 cup of San Pellegrino mineral water with 1 tsp. Braggs apple cider vinegar and 1 to 3 tsp. of fruit juice.  I’ve used orange, pineapple, concord grape, grapefruit, watermelon, cherry and beet juice and they’ve all been good. The amount of juice needed varies according to taste preferences and the strength of the juice used.  Any juice should work however I personally didn't care for prune juice when I tried it with the mineral water and vinegar.  

Vinegar waters are super refreshing with that tingle on the tongue that carbonated drinks give you, but without all the additives and sugar.  Plus they have very few calories - just the calories from the small amount of fruit juice.  This recipe is also a nice way to add some alkalinity to your diet.   I like them so much I sometimes drink 4 per day, which gives me 160 mg. of calcium as well.  If you haven’t already had a shrub give them a try.  If you are trying to kick the soda habit try vinegar waters as an alternative.  I've also found that for me the vinegar waters help curb my cravings for something sweet.  If I am wishing for dessert or a sweet snack I have a vinegar water instead and my sweet craving passes.  You should definitely try them.


posted on 4/4/2015