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A Good Diet needs a Good Exercise Program

While it is not my area of expertise, I think it is important for me to talk about exercise. Nutrition plays a key role in bone health, and I strongly believe nutrition can make a difference in the strength of your bones. However, even a perfect bone healthy diet is unlikely to reverse osteoporosis or osteopenia by itself. You must combine the diet with exercise, and not just any exercise. It needs to be weight bearing AND appropriate for people with osteoporotic bones. You need to also include exercises that help you develop good balance and focus on fall prevention.

You should only do exercises that you know are safe for your bones. Be careful about taking exercise classes from instructors that may be very knowledgeable about the general population but are not experts on osteoporosis and may not even be aware that they are asking people with osteoporosis to do movements that are risky. The wrong exercise can actually make weak bones worse. Many people are surprised at what exercises and yoga positions are bad for osteoporotic bones. Not all yoga is bad for bones but certain positions should be avoided so be sure to work with a yoga instructor knowledgeable in osteoporosis.

Below are two excellent resources for bone healthy exercise. Both these ladies are physical therapists that specialize in osteoporosis. Check out their websites for a wealth of information, including their books, videos, online classes and how to set up consultations if you need more individualized help. I’ve personally learned a lot from these amazing ladies and hope they can help you as well as you strive for stronger bones.

Their books or videos, or even a class or consultation, would make a great Christmas present for yourself or someone you care about.

Joanne Fagerstrom https://ourstrongbones.com/

Margaret Martin https://melioguide.com/

posted on 11/18/2020