Nancy Robinson, RDN

Nancy Robinson, RDN

I am a 67 year old Dietitian fighting off osteoporosis.   My mother and grandmother had osteoporosis.  Like many people, I thought drinking lots of milk and exercising all my life would keep me from getting osteoporosis, but it didn't.  I've learned it is a little more complicated than that.  Fighting osteoporosis nutritionally is more than just getting enough calcium.  Exercise is key but must be accompanied by an adequate intake of multiple bone strengthening nutrients best obtained from a variety of healthy foods. 

Even as a Dietitian, I find the wealth of, often conflicting, recommendations related to nutrition and osteoporosis overwhelming and confusing.  So, I've spent considerable time reviewing the osteoporosis nutrition research and applying my nutrition skills and training to developing what I believe, is the best nutritional approach to maintaining strong bones and avoiding bone fractures.  I've put together a simple to follow "Food 4 Osteoporosis Eating Plan" encompassing what I, as a Dietitian and Nutritionist, feel the research currently best supports for osteoporosis prevention and treatment.  The Eating Plan will evolve as additional research further clarifies the best nutritional approaches to maintaining strong bones.  This Eating Plan is also a great way to fight heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer's Disease.  This is an Eating Plan that many people, with or without osteoporosis, could use as a guideline for improving their diets and their health.

I love my profession in the field of nutrition, where I can combine the art of food and eating with the science of nutrition and good health to improve my own eating habits and dining experiences while helping others do the same.

The Hunger Project

I am extremely thankful to be able to eat well and not fear hunger and malnutrition.  In addition to my commitment to eating well and helping others eat well, I am very serious about contributing to efforts to alleviate world hunger and giving less fortunate people access to delicious, healthy food.  Therefore, I donate 20% of the income from "Food 4 Osteoporosis" to "The Hunger Project" to support their efforts to end hunger and extreme poverty by empowering women and men to create permanent, society-wide solutions.  I hope someday to be able to do more.

Preparing & Cooking Food

I enjoy preparing food but don't always have the time to cook and follow involved recipes.  I've found that good quality food doesn't need much preparation.  You can routinely eat well with good organization and a moderate time commitment to cooking, saving more extensive recipes and cooking for when you have more time.  A good meal, or meals for several days if you don't mind leftovers, can take the same amount, and sometimes less time, than eating out.  I've designed the Food 4 Osteoporosis Eating Plans with these concepts in mind. 


I am available for consultations to help you on a one on one basis by phone, Zoom, or Skype. Public speaking engagements can be scheduled by contacting me by email to schedule. Check the Eating Plans & More tab above to find out these two options andmore.